Minutes of committee meeting held on Monday, 4th September 2017 in the Clubhouse

President:Dr Maung Aye
Vice President: Lesley Watters
Treasurer: Leslie Young
Secretary: Pat Nicholson
Membership Secretary: Lesley Watters
Club Referee: Will Grieve
Web Administrators: Lesley Watters and Gemma Ross
Club Development Officer/Senior Secretary: Mac Brown
Safeguarding Officer: Pat Nicholson
Club Coach: Ian Reilly
Committee Members: Sue Hosny, Lorna Hutchison, David Owen, Iain Laidlaw and Dawn MacBrayne
Junior Committee Members: Alice MacBrayne, Andrew Callow, Michael Ferguson

Minutes of committee meeting held on Monday, 4th September 2017 in the Clubhouse.

Present: Maung, Lesley, Pat, Sue, Dawn, Lorna, Gemma, Mac, Ian R
1 Apologies: David, Leslie, Ian, Will.

2 Adoption of minutes of Monday, July 31st was proposed by Lesley and seconded by Gemma

3 Reports:

• Treasurer’s Report 4 September 2017
This report covers the period from 31 July 2017 to 4 September 2017.
i) Bank
The balance in the Royal Bank of Scotland account stands at £4,108.57. The Scottish Building Society Treasurers Account balance remains at £28,343.73, so that the combined balance is £32,452.30. This means that the overall balance has increased by £1,659.35 since the June meeting.
ii) Payments
The main payments in the last month have been:
a) £170.00 Court maintenance – Dara Walshe.
b) £37.80 Centre net adjusters,
c) £125.00 Electricity.
d) £150.00 Coaching retainer.
e) £804.00 Coaching expense.
f) £151.44 Clubhouse catering expenditure.

iii) Income
a) £165.00 Membership fees. (Total to date is £6,651.50, which compares to £6,187.00 last year).
b) £139.04 Visitor fees.
c) £250.00 Court hire – Tennis Borders Confined Tournament.
d) £2,263.50 Coaching fees.
e) £270.05 Clubhouse catering.

iv) There is still 1 payment outstanding, for £36.00, for the April to June period (out of 129). I have sent five reminder emails so far.

The Scottish Charity Regulator is holding a ‘Meet the Charity Regulator’ event at Phillip burn Country House Hotel, Selkirk, on Thursday, 7 September. It is free and I am planning to go.
• Membership :
166 members
2 ordinary
50 adults
40 juniors
38 children
36 concessions
• Coach :
Sessions are in full swing. Although numbers are down in some senior sessions due to competing sports, the younger classes are very well attended with demand greater than places available.
4 Matters Arising:
Clubhouse Development: It was decided, as per previous minutes, to do all the refurbishment at the same time. Sport will not be able to fund our signage unless part of a wider development bid. The committee decided that we could fund it using club funds, as we have two fund raising activities ahead in the Annual Quiz and Christmas Draw.
Report from Confined: This went well and Christine Lawrie has got in touch to thank the club for hosting this event and to especially thank all involved in the catering.
5 Finals’ Day: Matches are well ahead and it should be an action packed busy day, with some players playing in several matches

6 Margaret Bunyan Tournament : This will be held on Saturday, 21st October. We wish to encourage older juniors to take part.
Action: Pat to circulate an e mail inviting entries
Entries sheet to be put up in clubhouse

7 A.G.M.: Monday, October, 30th

8 Christmas Draw: This year Leslie would like to print 5,000 tickets. Last year he managed to distribute nearly all 4,000 tickets. This year he would like to get some tickets to the non-members that receive coaching. He is happy to put the tickets into envelopes with the usual help for distribution in Darnick, Gattonside, Sr Boswells and Newtown St Boswells.

9 Clubhouse Door: The clubhouse door in the corner that faces the Green yards has been left unlocked on a number of occasions. Leslie thinks it does not lock from the inside. He thinks people might be taking the lobster machine through that door and not pulling the door closed behind them.
Action:.Pat to put notices up asking members to ensure doors are locked when leaving.
If this does not work, further consideration will be given to this problem.

10 A.O.B.
• Ian is keen for the courts to be resurfaced next summer to allow the painting to be done in the warmer weather.
Action: Mac and Ian to liaise about this
.Ian to get in touch with contactors to arrange an assessment ant get a price
Ian to find out if any funding will be available.

• Dawn explained the very successful on line booking system in place at the Grange Tennis Club.
Action: Lesley to liaise with Dawn about this to explore suitability for something like this for our club.

Minutes of Committee meeting on Monday 31st July 2017
Date of next meeting: Monday, 2nd October