Child Protection Policy

Melrose Waverley Tennis Club
Policy Statement – Safeguarding Children and Young People

It is a fundamental human right to be safe from harm and abuse, and Melrose Waverley Tennis Club believes it is important to raise awareness of individuals who may be at risk in British tennis. Abuse of any child or young person towards or by any tennis people, or other person will not be tolerated.
This Policy relates to all people working within our tennis environment, including those who are both paid and unpaid, employees and volunteers.
Melrose Waverley Tennis Club is committed to providing opportunities for children and young people to take part in tennis, and to helping them to achieve their potential. To achieve this Melrose Waverley Tennis Club will:
• recognise and celebrate the individuality of every child that plays tennis;
• be aware that some children with disabilities or impairments may be additionally vulnerable to abuse, neglect and bullying;
• take a positive approach to safeguarding children and young people;
• will not tolerate the abuse of any child or young person by any tennis people or other person;
• expect that all members of the tennis community will recognise that it is their responsibility to protect and ensure the well-being of all children and young people associated to tennis.

Sport plays a vital role in the growth and development of children and young people, and provides opportunities for them to take part in exciting, challenging and healthy activities. . The aim of Melrose Waverley Tennis Club is to provide an inclusive sport through the adaptation of tennis for people of any age, impairment, disability or ability within a framework that supports the safety and well-being of all players.

Melrose Waverley Tennis Club is committed to improving outcomes for children and young people by adhering to current legislation and guidance, along with other key sources of information:
• Protection of Freedoms Act 2012;
• Children Act 2004;
• Children Act 1989;
• Working Together to Safeguard Children (HM Government 2010);
• Every Child Matters: Change for Children programme;
• Department for Education;
• NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU); and
Melrose Tennis Club has adopted the policy on safeguarding children outlined by the L.T.A. These adhere to the Safeguarding Standards set by the Child Protection in Sport Unit (C.P.S, U,)
The club has an appointed Child Protection Officer who has attended training, as do our coaches. Their role is to promote safety and well-being at Melrose Waverley Tennis Club club, identify and address any poor practice or abusive behaviour and respond in a timely manner to any suspected abuse. Safeguarding children is important to providing a good tennis experience.
The L.T.A .has adopted a three-tier approach to safeguarding members and we in Melrose Waverley Tennis club have adopted this approach as part of our policy. The three tiers are Early Intervention (GREEN), Prevention (AMBER), and Protection (RED).

These three tiers are outlined below:

Green: Early Intervention
A shared responsibility: Promoting safety and well-being within tennis venues is a role that everyone in tennis undertakes. This ensures that community members have an enjoyable tennis experience, helping to attract and retain people in tennis. It also ensures compliance with legislation which guarantees and protects the rights of children and young people.
Championing safety: We champion safety and well-being policies and procedures which encompass fair play values, complemented by codes of conduct, to support those who work in tennis to promote safety and well-being. This includes our responsibility to share information effectively and participate in preventative practices when protection issues arise.
Address issues early: It is important to address potential issues which compromise the well-being of young people early, to ensure they are stopped and do not become greater challenges. Where these issues arise, we will deal with them swiftly and in line with our policies..

Amber: Prevention
As a club we hope that, sound policies in place, a safe environment available for members, good governance by the committee and following L.T.A. polices, will prevent any safeguarding problems arising.
If issues do arise that the club cannot address by themselves, advice and additional support is available from the LTA. The Safeguarding team will always offer information, advice, guidance and support to ensure all tennis venues resolve issues in safeguarding their members in a satisfactorily manner.

Red: Protection
Immediate escalation: Where a protective issue arises, we have a role to play to ensure that person’s safety and well-being. If a child or adult at risk or other people require the protection of Social Care safeguarding services or the Police, either as a direct result of an incident at a tennis venue or as an on-going matter outside of a tennis venues control, the tennis venue should inform the club’s child protection officer immediately. The officer will carry out a range of duties within current polices, guidance and legislation to safeguard the well-being of individuals concerned.

The principles contained in the above policy are embedded in the way we run Melrose Waverley Tennis Club.
To help us do this we can rely on support from the L.T.A. Their Safeguarding team provides support and advice to tennis venues and people working in tennis. The Tennis Foundation additionally supports coaches and venues delivering tennis for disabled young people, or identifying and developing talented disabled players.